Winter Crafts for Kids - Snow Globe

Snow globes are just so mesmerising, aren't they? Einstein E and Power P can spend minutes staring into the "snow" falling inside the globe. And they love this globe because - they made it themselves.

As we were making it, we were talking about winter and learned some interesting facts about snow:

  • dry snow is ideal for skiing, but not for building a snowman
  • Snowflakes that fall through a dry, cool atmosphere will be small and powdery and won't stick together.
  • The snowflakes that form wet snow will have fallen through temperatures slightly warmer than 0 °C.


  • a small glass jar
  • a figurine or some natural material (we used little pine cones)
  • glitter
  • glycerine or liquid glue
  • a hot glue gun 

Step 1

Find a figurine you want to put inside the globe. We spent a lovely afternoon in the forest, and we picked a few pine cones.pine cones for the snow globe

Step 2

Glue the figurine on the inside of the lid.glueing the pine cones on the lid
Step 3.

Fill 3/4 of the jar with water and add glitter.putting glitter in the jar
Step 4. 

Add glue of glycerin.

Step 5

Screw the lid on the jar, shake it and enjoy your winter magic.

snow globe