Who are Power P and Einstein E?

Twin brothers who love to play, fight, learn, fight some more, share, shout, climb, explore, discover, ask questions, fight, jump, run, read books, hide, get on each other's nerves, fight, wake up (too) early, get dirty, smile, cry, shout some more. Did I mention that they like to fight? They are two amazing creatures who enjoy nature, spend a lot of time outdoors riding bikes and playing with bugs, sticks, mud, leaves, and dirt. The Universe, planets, Star Wars, dinosaurs, and LOTR are their favourite topics. 

They are sweet and loveable, but they can also be quite exhausting and irritating.
Since September 2020, they've been first-graders in a Montessori school here in Germany. In those two months, they forgot their caps eight times (each), and their jackets at least a dozen times in school. They travel to school by school bus, and yes, Power P got lost once. 
Both of them speak Croatian, German, and some English. But the last one is only for their English-speaking friends. 

They got their pseudonyms based on their personality traits - Einstein E is analytical and focused. Power P is like electrified and all over the place. 

Finally, they ask questions. A lot of them. And we always look for answers together. On this blog, you can find some of the interesting facts we learned together through reading, projects and arts&crafts.