Crafts for Kids - Painting With Conkers

This conker-painting activity seems to be amusing for many kids. For Einstein E and Power P the only thing interesting enough was learning an interesting fact about conkers:

- they were introduced to Britain in the 1600s.

And the boys wanted to know that only because Einstein E’s class was learning the letter K, and they talked about the history of potato (in German it’s Kartoffel=K) and when it was first carried to Europe (Ireland). So, we talked about Ireland and potatoes, Britain and conkers, and how we visited Scotland last year, but the painting activity lasted for 27 seconds. Or less 😅

Luckily, they liked the learning part.


- a tray (or a washing up bowl)

- paint (finger paint or acrylic)

- a handful of conkers

- sheets of paper (that fit inside the base of the bowl/tray)

 Step 1)

Place the paper in the bottom of the tray.

Step 2)

Squeeze different colours of paint directly onto the paper

Kid squeezing paint ono paper
Step 3)

Put a few conkers in...

Step 4)

...and roll them like crazy

rolling conkers in the tray

Step 5)

Don't forget to display this little piece of art :)

conker painting display