Crafts for Kids - DIY Christmas Tree 

This year has been, well, interesting. And because of the pandemic, Einstein E and Power P are going to see their grandparents only on videos and video calls. So, this winter and Christmas have been different. 

Their grandad has one wish these holidays - he would love to hear Einstein E and Power P play his favourite Christmas song "Oh Tannenbaum" (O, Christmas tree). 

Besides learning to play the song, we decided to make a few gifts for our whole family. As it was all about Christmas trees, we made a few and learned an interesting fact about pine trees:

  • they grow primarily in the Northern Hemisphere.

So, we played with our globe a bit, talked about the northern and south hemisphere, and then - we made our gifts.


  • cardboard
  • a hole puncher
  •  thread 
  • ornaments, glitter, glue...

Step 1

Cut a triangle (which is going to be a tree) out of the cardboard and punch holes on each side.

Tree cut out of cardboard
Step 2

Pull the thread through the holes until you have your tree.kid pulling thread through holes on a cardboard tree

Step 3

Glue some ornaments or glitter.putting glitter on a cardboard tree
 Step 4

Write a note (for Grandpa, Aunty, Grandma...)

writing a note on a cardboard christmas tree
Step 5

Give your DIY presents to the ones you love :)