Upcycling with Kids - Vases

For some reason, we always improvise when it comes to vases. Flowers and bouquets end up in glasses or empty jars. The other day, finally, my kids, Power P and Einstein E, and I decided to make a vase or two. This way, we got to reuse some empty glass jars and bottles, and some old newspapers. 

Interesting facts about vases:

- The Chinese Qianlong vase set a new record as the most expensive porcelain item ever sold in an auction, when it sold for an astounding $53 million. (I have no idea if my kids understood how much money that actually is. But they gazed at me in astonishment).

- Greek potters were constantly changing the shape of their famous vases and pots. And those were usually made of terracotta, not magazine rolls :)


  • glass or plastic bottles
  • paper rolls (for this one you need magazines or newspapers) 
  • glue and scissors 
  • paint


Step 1.

Measure the circumference of the bottle you would like to turn into a vase. We used a piece of wool thread for this step.

measuring the circumference of the bottle

Step 2. 

Lay the thread down, and you'll know how many of your rolled-up magazine pages you're going to need for your vase. Glue the rolls in a row. (Instructions for making magazine pages rolls are here.)

glueing the rolls
glueing the rolls

Step 3.

Mark and cut straight lines on the bottom and top. 

marking a cutting area for the vase

Step 4. 

Glue the endings together to make a tube for your vase. 

vases befor colouring

Step 5.

Make a cardboard bottom. We hot-glued it to the vase.

cardboard bottom of the vase

Step 6.

Paint and let dry.

Painting the vase

Step 7.

Now, while the vases are drying, go out with your kid and pick some flowers. There are a few flower fields close to where we live, and the boys find it very interesting - they count the money they have to put in the machine, take the knife that hangs there, and cut some flowers.  

Step 8.

You might want to decorate your vases. Tying a bow or a piece of yarn is great for developing fine-motor skills.

tying a yarn on a vase

Step 9. 

Place the bottles filled with water into the tubes, and put the flowers in.

putting flowers in a vase

And there you have it :)

vases with flowers