Stack Attack for Practising Addition

This is one of our DIY games for early numeracy development. Ok, Einstein E and Power P are past the basic concepts of numeracy. I mean, they started first grade a month ago and, in their eyes, they're like the smartest people on Earth. They know everything, don't have to answer our questions, their friends are ten years old, and they are the kings of the world. 

Now, back to the game. Did you know that Stack Attack Minute to Win It Game originated from the Minute to Win It Television game show? However, the aim of our game was not to stack plastic cups into a perfect triangle-shaped structure and get them back into a single stack. After building the structure, we threw a ball and did some addition. This adds some excitement and motivation to learning. So, when it comes to learning, playing games is (another) way to go. And here, you can read more about why playing games is important for mathematical thinking. 

Also, don't forget to read more about early numeracy skills and other games and activities with numbers.


- 10 plastic drinking cups with numbers

- a ball

- a grid with numbers 1-100

How to play the game:

Step 1.

Prepare a set of ten plastic drinking cups and write the numbers 1-10.

plastic drinking cups with numbbers
Step 2.

Stack the cups into a triangle-shaped structure. It was a nice sunny day, and we played our game outside.

plastic cups stacked into a triangle
Step 3.

Throw the ball and (try to) hit the stack.

kid throwing a ball to hit the stack
Step 4.

Pick up the cups you hit.

Add the numbers on those cups, one by one, and cross out the numbers in the grid (e.g. numbers on cups: 4, 7, 2, 5. Adding: 4+7=11 // 11+2=13 // 13+5=18)

adding the numbers on the cups
Step 5.


stacking plastic cups into a triangle