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Arts and Crafts for Kids - Rainy Clouds 

These clouds are a continuation of our city project we did a few weeks ago. I actually wanted to make a rainbow over the city, but this whole project was my kids' idea. And both Power P and Einstein E wanted rainy clouds. If you want to see how our city was made, click here

Interesting facts about clouds:

- A cloud is a large group of tiny water droplets that we can see in the air.

- Clouds can contain millions of tons of water.

- Other planets in our Solar System have clouds, but instead of water molecules, they are composed of different gases and particles. 

- No, people can't live on, inside, or around clouds. However, in play, everything’s possible.


  • paper (blue and white)
  • straws (blue)
  • wool (white)
  • scissors and glue
  • marker

Step 1.

We needed a bit bigger part of the sky because the city the boys made a few days earlier was large. So, we taped two pieces of blue paper together.

Step 2.

I outlined the clouds, and the boys got busy. Cut, cut, cut. During this step, you can mention different types and shapes of clouds (such as stratus, cumulus, and cirrus).

cutting clouds for the rainy clouds art

Step 3. 

After cutting out the clouds, our blue straws turned into small pieces. Each was between 0.5 and 1 centimetre long.

small pieces of straws

Step 4.

Mark where your cloud should come and this is where you can start glueing the bits of straws in rows, leaving 1 centimetre between every two pieces.

glueing pieces of straws for the rainy clouds

Step 5.

Measure the length of the rows (from the bottom of the paper to the part where the cloud should come) and cut a piece of wool thread. 

Cutting the wool

Step 6.

Pull the thread through the straws—an excellent exercise for small fingers working on fine-motor skills.

pulling the wool thread through the straws

Step 7. 

Glue the threads endings and clouds on top of them.

glueing the threads and clouds

Step 8.

Draw, cut out and glue a few windows. That is, if your kid imagines that there are people living in those clouds. 

final rainy clouds

Oh, look! It's raining all over the city :)

rainy clouds over the city