How to Make a Parrot - Crafts and Interesting Facts for Kids

The extent to which nonhuman animals can learn actual human language is a controversial question, but many nonhuman species have acquired elements of a two-way communication system that is, and was, sophisticated enough to enable its use in evaluating cognitive capacities*. This means that telling your kids that parrots can talk may not be the most correct piece of information. Einstein E had a somewhat interesting conversation about parrots with his doctor when he was five. You can read it here.

So, whether or not parrots can actually talk is discussable. But, there are many other interesting facts about these birds:

  • Most parrots live in tropical areas.
  • Some parrot species can live for over 80 years.
  • Parrots are believed to be one of the most intelligent bird species.
  • And, as already explained, some species are known for imitating human voices.

To make these colourful animals, you need:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • paint
  • colour paper
  • scissors and some glue

Step 1.

Paint the paper rolls. Parrots are often brightly coloured, so, you can go with red, yellow, blue, or green. 

Step 2.

Outline the kid's hand and cut it out to make wings. We made the wings in several colours. Simply glue together cut-outs in different colours and glue them on the paper roll.

outlining the hand for a parrot
toilet paper rolls and hand cut-outs for the parrots
Step 3. 

Glue the eyes and the beak.

gluing the eyes on a parrot
Step 4.

The parrots are ready to fly. And talk :)


*Pepperberg, I.M. (2017). Animal language studies: What happened?. Psychon Bull Rev 24, 181–185.