DIY Noughts and Crosses

It is a great game to encourage step-by-step logical thinking in your child. And, if you make it using milk carton lids, the kid gets to practice some fine-motor skills.

Interesting facts about Noughts and Crosses:

- The game of Noughts and Crosses was actually played by the Ancient Egyptians in around 1300 BC? (What younger children understand are the words Egyptians and long long time ago.)
- For kids who play computer games, it might be interesting to learn that Noughts and Crosses was the first computer game ever to be played. 

- Ten milk carton lids with bases
- Paper
- Scissors 
- Piece of cardboard or construction paper
- Hot glue
- Markers 

Step 1.
Cut ten lids out of milk cartons. It would be best if you had both the lids and bases. I used a scalpel for this one. And then, the boys cut out the extra carton.
cutting milk carton lids

Step 2.
Trace the circles on a piece of paper...
tracing circles for noughts and crosses

...write “X”s and “O”s
drawing Xs and Os for the noughts and crosses
...cut them out
cutting out Xs and Os for the noughts and crosses
...and glue them on the lids.
glueing X and O on the lids
 Step 3
Glue 9 bases on the piece of cardboard or construction paper in a 3x3 grid.
3x3 grid for noughts and crosses

Step 4
Play away :)
Each player gets five lids,
Xs for the Noughts and Crosses game
and starts screwing them on the basis.
playing noughts and crosses
Take turns. The winner is the person who manages to fill three squares in a row, either across, down or diagonally.
final noughts and crosses

This article was updated on October 8, 2020

Marija Smuda Duric

A mum to two amazing twin boys - Einstein E and Power P, an educator, and a researcher.