DIY Christmas Star 

Secret Santa or Wichteln? This star was a DIY gift Power P made for Wichteln at his school. At first, I had no idea what this even meant until he explained that they drew papers with names and that they have to make a gift for that person.

And this is when I learned one interesting fact:

  • In German, Secret Santa is called "Wichteln" which comes from "Witchel", meaning goblin, elf or dwarf.

“Oh! You are playing Secret Santa in school!” 
“No, mummy. Wichteln.” 


- Magazines or newspaper to make paper rolls
- Paint (we used white and red acrylic paint)
- Glue
- Glitter, stars, pompons or whatever you have at hand for your sparkling star.

Steps are pretty straightforward:

Step 1

Roll it

child rolling magazine pages
Step 2

Paint it

painting magazine paper rolls
Step 3

Glue it

Glueing paper rolls to make a star
Step 4

Cover it in glitter or anything sparkly 

putting glitter on the star
Step 5

Be proud of your work :)

DIY Christmas star
Christmas star red
Making stars is not all we did. These paper rolls were a great tool to introduce some geometry terms such as acute, right, and obtuse angles. We also made different geometrical shapes using our rolls.
making geometric shapes
making geometric shapes

So, I learned what Wichteln means, and the boys found geometry to be an interesting thing.