Car painting

This form of art was very popular with my kids when they were toddlers. Even now, as pre-school kids, they find this way of painting relaxing and make some new creations from time to time. It takes less than a minute to prepare (unless you have to buy some paint first). Cleaning up might take longer :) This is also a perfect opportunity to learn about colours and - cars.

Interesting facts about cars and driving:

  • RHT (right-hand traffic) is used in 165 countries and territories, with the remaining 75 countries and territories using LHT (left-hand-traffic). 
  • A modern Formula 1 can drive upside down in a tunnel at 120mph (193kmh).
  • It would take less than a month to get to the moon by car.


  • Canvas or cardboard
  • Cars, trucks, excavators…
  • Paint
  • Painting table protectors (optional but very helpful)
  • Scotch tape (optional but decorative)

Step 1.

Prepare a canvas or some cardboard (paper is too thin for so much paint and car tyres might tear it), paint, and vehicles.

Get you kid out on a protective apron and protect the table.

If you want the final product to be a bit more decorative, you can peel the tape in different directions.

car painting - preparation
Step 2. 

Put some paint on the canvas or on a lid/foil next to the canvas. Then…

paint on a canvas for car painting
Step 3. …let the painting begin. 

kid painting with a car

Step 4.

Let dry.

Step 5.

While the artwork is drying, wash the cars. This is a whole new fun activity.

washing toy cars

Step 6.

Peel off the tape and display.

car painting - display

This article was updated on August 21, 2020

Marija Smuda Duric

A mum to two amazing twin boys - Einstein E and Power P, an educator, and a researcher.