Things to do on a rainy day

Oh, yes!! It's raining

As long as they are dressed appropriately and protected, they will most likely enjoy spending time outside. While children are in a stroller, a good rain cover will do. As soon as they get out, a pair of rain boots (Gummistiefel), raincoat and mudpants (Matschhose) is what they need to have fun on a rainy day.

"There isn't such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." 

Interesting facts about rain:

  • The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in 24 hours is 182.5 centimetres (71.9 inches) in Foc-Foc, La Réunion. OK, we just talked about how tall each of us was and what 182cm of rain means. 

  • Rain on Venus is made of sulphuric acid and due to the intense heat it evaporates around 25 km above the surface. Again, sulphuric acid is something older kids might understand. We just said "strong acid".

The benefits of spending time outdoors are well known. But how to motivate your kids to go outside when it's raining?

Five things to do outside on a rainy day.

1)    Puddles.

Those screams of joy and happiness as water splashes around them is just beautiful. All I have to say is "Oh, look! It's raining. I wonder how deep puddles are now…" And they are already dressed and waiting at the door. 

kid jumping in a puddle

2)    Remote cars.

Watching those tyres spinning on wet asphalt is so much fun—even more fun than driving them when it's dry.

kid driving a remote car in rain

3)    Snails.

Observing snails when it's raining is calming and relaxing. You can even do an interesting snail project and learn something new.


4)   Bikes or balance bikes

Bikes and puddles are a winning combination for kids but also for some adults. Did you know that you can go 'Cycling through Water' in Bokrijk? It is a unique cycling experience in which you cycle more than 200 meters through a pond. However, riding a bike through mud and puddles is even better.
erik, rain, balance bike

5)    Umbrellas.

There is something about kids and umbrellas. Maybe it's the colours, sound of raindrops falling on nylon, sense of security... Whichever it is, our boys love going out with umbrellas and play in the rain. 



This article was updated on August 22, 2020

Marija Smuda Duric

A mum to two amazing twin boys - Einstein E and Power P, an educator, and a researcher.